About Me

I provide health and wellbeing advice to anyone looking to make changes to their lifestyle.

I have 18 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry as a personal trainer, coach and Fitness manager. Working for one of the most influential companies in the UK,  I have worked alongside Physio therapists, Chiropractors and in the field of cardio rehabilitations.

Whether it is losing weight, rehabilitation from surgery or getting yourself into the shape I can help you.

Using a consultative
approach to understanding your needs, motivation and current lifestyle habits I can produce an action plan to help you achieve the change you desire.

Offer you a solution to suit your budget.

Starting with an understanding of your current lifestyle and health I can help you understand how the power of your mind will influence everything you want to achieve, not only in this goal but across your general personal and business objectives.

I will show you how to achieve changes in your daily eating strategy, discuss how balancing your diet influences every part of your life for years to come. With solutions to all the most common questions about what to choose to eat in different situations, business, before and following exercise, dining out and avoiding excess sugar. Our workshops are interactive fun and truly enjoyable.

I have had features in the National Press, interviewed on various radio shows and presented talks at events.

For a copy of my Latest beginners Ebook on “How to Live Healthier” available from amazon as a Kindle for £2.99

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