Motivation to achieve your goal

How is your motivation? second week into January you should be settling into a pattern which will lead to a successful journey towards achieving your goal. Whoops but what if you have not really worked out YOUR GOAL.

There are many factors which can motivate you into setting a goal, these might be physical (like losing weight or running) Mental for example the desire to prepare yourself for a wedding or other special occasion, having a goal is key to you remaining motivated to achieve it.

When you have a clear goal you will remain focused and determined to overcome any obstacles’ which  may cause you to become distracted, or lose commitment. When a situation prevents you from working toward this goal you could become frustrated, which affects your mood and how you behave; its important to understand the affect this has being prepared for interruptions to your routine.

Prepare yourself with the following tips:

  1. discuss your goal with your partner and wider family enlisting their support to help you.
  2. Set smaller easily achieved steps which lead to your main goal.
  3. work out with a trainer or life coach (if you have one) how you will measure and assess that you stay on a plan.
  4. Consider what activities will help you to achieve your goal. Not all activities are equal in being the most suitable for your goal.
  5. Review your training plan regularly to assess if you are meeting those small steps forward. If you seem to be losing your motivation or are not achieving small goals consider recruiting a personal trainer who will help you to get back on course.

So are you ready? Have you set your goal? Do you need help? More advice here

Share your motivation strategy with others who may struggle.






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