Lose weight and stay healthy


Top tips to help you lose weight and stay healthy by avoiding crash dieting.

Crash dieting, all dieting for that matter is the most successful un-sucessful business which feasts on a the relentless demand for a quick fix; when it comes to losing weight.

Extreme diets which rely on drastic curbing of your food intake will force your body into shock resulting in disruption of your hormones being unable to measure your bodies energy needs; resulting in increased weight gain. Its a well known fact that the successive use of dieting will result in a nett increase in body fat over a 5 yr period.

If you want to achieve weight loss the best way is to change your eating habits, by choosing  fresh vegetables; good sources of protein, drink plenty of water with your meals and learn to sleep. You will lose excess fat quite naturally.

If you need help with your diet or nutritional needs drop me a line..



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