5 mistakes with your gym programme

Gym exercise programmes are designed to provide a series of exercises to help you to improve your fitness and strength, when using your local gym or fitness centre, unfortunately this is for many the one area where the system falls down and you may be a victim of the system.

When you join a gym you may if you are lucky receive a pre screening to check you are safe enough to be given some exercise to do, this should of course include a number of questions concerning your immediate health; including any physical limitations and injuries. A blood pressure check should follow but I hear in many establishments this is often not the case; checking your blood pressure is important to ensure that it is normal enough to not present any risk of you suffering a heart attack when you start to exercise more intensely than you were doing before joining.

You would now most usually be given some kind of induction and an exercise programme, this is to ensure you understand the safety precautions in the establishment, use of machines and possibly a demonstration of the exercises the instructor recommends you to do, which brings me to the most common pitfalls in your gym experience.

  1. Using a generic list of exercises
  2. Not reviewing your workout frequently
  3. Not addressing your muscular imbalance or posture
  4. No assessment of progress
  5. Get bored with the workout

If you experience two or more of these you are probably totally bored and most likely going to stop using the gym after a few weeks; your frequency will reduce until eventually you will notice that you are no longer going and just wasting your monthly fee.

What you should be looking for then.

  • A comprehensive consultation includes the main health risk factors
  • Questions concerning any recent muscular skeletal issue lie accidents or debilitating pain.
  • Your blood pressure should also be checked, if not by the gym see your doctor.
  • Exercises should consider the above plus any posture issues which should  be addressed as these will effect your training efficiency.
  •  A workout designed personally for you and designed to meet your goals
  • Above all Motivating
  • The opportunity to review and change it frequently to avoid loss of interest.

How about that special reason

What is your goal, is it a special occasion, holiday, marriage, new partner, getting into shape or losing that belly fat.

Unless you are receiving the best gym experience consider the use of a personal trainer, who should take that personal interest in you and go beyond the minimum and provide the best experience to ensure your reach your goals.

My team are all assessed for quality and we can help you

See Personal training options







  1. Good Question Stephen, I guess it comes down to the level of service the operator wants to provide, the best service comes at a price which for many is too high, all the other operators vary from budget facilities to 24/7 with much lower fee’s. When you choose a budget facility you would be unlikely to receive the service I describe, as a consequence many more members fail in their objectives. If your goal and commitment is strong I would recommend searching out the best operator you can afford.


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