Make your exercise fun today

cropped-img00061-20110408-1212.jpgMaking your exercise fun is probably the best way to achieve a regular habit of exercising.

Once you have worked out that you can actually enjoy your exercise; you will stop trying to workout 3 times a week like everyone else; if its a chore or a weekly grind getting to the gym three times a week; then you are setting yourself up to fail.

Best to find an activity you are going to enjoy with a group of people that way you are sure as hell going to turn up more regularly and enjoy it. There is something special about meeting up with new friends all setting about the same activity together; sharing the pain and rejoicing in small successes.

The growth in women’s running groups has been enormous in recent years, as crossfit, dancing or swimming have all achieved growth, in gyms up to 40% of membership use group exercising as a primary activity.

The number of women who use weight training as a primary activity is low in comparison a shame really because the majority of women will give weight control as their main motivation; it is weight training which could get them faster results; ask anyone who uses crossfit and boot-camps.

When I am personal training my clients we always finish a hard session with some form of fun activity or challenge.





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