How do you stop exercise from being boring

First off find an activity you enjoy doing.

Decide what your objective is and why you want to achieve it.

This is fundamental to setting any goal if you set your mind on something you want bad enough you will be determined to see it through.

Get a support system in place; if your friends and family are supporting your efforts it takes away a lot of the strain around you feeling guilty for taking the time out for yourself to exercise.

Choosing activities you enjoy or that you do with others will help you to remain focused on exercising as it becomes a part of your weekly routine, this could be the first stage of your new routine becoming a habit.

When you exercise depends on your daily schedule, some find it easier to workout in the morning, others the evenings, there are merits for both.

Morning exercise
If you get up early to workout you will find the exercise will increase your oxygen uptake, awaken the body and if some of the exercises are strenuous it will set you up for the day’s work. A boost in metabolism and endorphins to help you through your day, if your day is likely to be stressful you may find the decision process easier to accomplish.

Evening exercise

Can benefit you by helping to reduce your stress levels, to relax and sleep better depending on your chosen activity. You do need to be aware of the time and intensity effects on your body.

How often? You chose to exercise is the most common question I get from my clients. Which comes from an outdated recommendation back in the day, when the UK government suggested three times a week. My answer is that it depends on how you look at your exercise, don’t think about it as exercise, think about what activity are you going to do today.

1. Brisk walk to work
2. Jog at lunch time
3. Walk back from the gym
4. Class at your leisure centre
5. Yoga this evening

You may discover how surprisingly easy you can find different activities are to fit around your day when you want to.

I have lots more ideas in my book available through Amazon.


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