What is motivating you to work out today?

Over the last few months my training has been slipping in quality if have felt tired; run down; not sleeping well and gaining a little weight; sound familiar. Well, it is not unusual to lose focus as you find your routine plateau creeping up on you.

Yesterday someone mentioned an event to me which really excited me, the coast run in Costa Rica a 250km coast run into and around the mountains region on their coast over 6 days. Suddenly I discovered a new life for my training, waking up the following morning and immediately ran 5 miles before cycling the 12 miles to work, where I arrived not feeling so tired as usual but invigorated by the thought of spending the next 12 months training completely differently as I tailor my training specifically for a multi-day trail run.

If your training has hit a plateau with you failing to get the results you want, then look for a new goal or adventure out of your comfort zone. Discover as I have a renewed enthusiasm for your training.

  1. Once you have your new goal you will need to work out a plan to achieve it.
  2. Decide on the time frame
  3. Consider what changes are required to be undertaken this includes everything which has the potential of getting In the way.
  4. Work on a strategy for success making it measurable and achievable.
  5. Break your programme into 12-week blocks with a goal to be achieved for each, leading up to your main event or occasion.
  6. What training do you require to undertake to achieve each block successfully?
  7. Write up your plan record it in your phone, on your computer or in your diary.

Tell everyone about your plan and ask for help from your network of friends, it is much easier to achieve success with the support of your network, as they will constantly ask you how you are getting on; offer support to keep you on a plan.

Setting Goals

Make it manageable, realistic, something which is challenging some of the most popular are:

  • Lose a certain weight
  • Learn to run 3 miles in 30 min
  • Stop smoking
  • Start exercising

Define your time frame a realistic goal is unlikely to be achieved in less than three months; more practical will be 12 months. You should break this into smaller manageable time periods with intermittent goals which contribute to the main objective.

Decide what other factors will help you to achieve your goal or what is likely to get in the way and cause you to crash out or give up.

  1. Work pattern, Can you change it to help.
  2. Family commitments, enlist support from friends and family to get time for your training.
  3. Weather, dress accordingly, the only thing to stop you is YOU.
  4. Injury What else can you do? lower body injury does not stop you working the upper body!

Consider then your general lifestyle:

  1. Do you need to get up earlier to exercise?
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Make changes to your nutrition
  5. Reduce your 10 cups of coffee
  6. Improve the amount of sleep you are getting
  7. Increase the amount of water you drink

What training do you need to help you achieve your goal?

You may need to get expert help with this one if you are not used to exercising, starting with checking your current health status. Consult an exercise expert for instruction in good technique particularly in a gym environment or a swimming pool. Constructing a periodized training plan can help you to stay on a structured path leading all the way to ultimate success. Using a personal trainer can save you a lot of wasted time as well as keeping you motivated throughout your journey.

Your plan should include taking all your starting measurements as well as a basic fitness test allowing you to assess your improvement periodically; this is particularly important for you to be certain that your plan is working, effective and giving you the satisfaction that you can move into the next stage of your plan.

Lastly, write down your plan somewhere you can easily refer to it, with your workout for each week. Tell your friends about your plan so they can support and offer motivation at times when you might struggle.

If your goal is important enough, you will get up every day and know that each small step you take is helping you toward, your goal. If you want help with a big goal, how to get started, motivation or a consultation, help with your diet or a personal training plan contact us on this link. Get fit Healthy and stay that way 40+

To purchase a copy of our getting started guide available here: click on the book imagedigital_book_thumbnail


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