What burning questions about exercise and weight loss everyone wants to know.

Mostly every week I am asked questions about the best way’s to lose weight, address such questions as, is it better to eat before or after my morning exercise, can I skip breakfast or sit on a bike for 20 minutes every day to burn off fat.

One way to answer this question and keep it simple is to point out that the slower you go the more fat your body will burn as a source of energy, this usually occurs at around 55-65% of your effort or maximum heart rate. Your body will continue to burn off blood sugar as its preferred source of energy but as you go longer the percentage mix of BS and fat will increase.

Another example of a good way to lose weight in the form of fat; would be to go on a hiking expedition or similar for several day’s, burning up around 350 cals’ per hour for 6 hours a day over a week might burn up 2kgs approximately, this is not an exact science because there are many different considerations to build into this algorithm to be techy. But I hope you see the idea.

In reality most people will not have this amount of spare time to devote to exercise each day; in this respect doing cardiovascular exercise for weight loss on its own is going to be painfully slow and to be honest; it’s not going to work.
What you should do when combining exercise for efficient weight loss is first to review your diet plan with someone who is qualified in nutrition to advise you. As eating a poor diet, not eating or following some of the crazy diet strategies out here will only render your exercise for weight loss as completely useless by wasting your time and effort.
My recommendation for improving your chances of successful weight loss will be:

1.Review your diet with a specialist

2.Work with a trainer
3.Use full body exercises
4.Use High-Intensity efforts to boost your fitness
5.Train with weights to improve muscle tone and muscular endurance

6.Allow time for recovery of the muscles
The last point is my favourite because after you have completed your exercise the body will need several hours to recover and more than you probably realise, during this down time you will continue burning up those fat reserves as the body continues the muscular repair processes.

Keeping it on the right track

Your diet is key here because eating a poorly balanced diet will compromise your fat loss as an example you finish your exercise and go and get a coffee and donut you will cancel out a big percentage of your workout. If you severely reduce the calories in your diet your body could shut down the mechanisms used to measure your fat levels and increase fat stores; not reduce them.
Set up a daily exercise plan to run alongside your diet changes keeping any adjustments to your routines manageable, so you are less likely to crash out and ditch the plans altogether. Choose exercise you enjoy either on your own or with others as this way you are more likely to keep going and make it a regular habit.
Eat several times a day choosing healthy snacks, fruit and vegetables with protein to avoid feeling hungry, you will benefit from increased energy and a feeling of satisfaction with your results. I have been asked about timings and, in particular, eating late at night. If you have to eat late, fine, this is better than not eating at all. This question is based on another popular myth that eating after 9 pm will make you fat, it’s not true. If you were to eat late you would be more likely to eat something high in sugar or fat, maybe both, then this poor choice will not help you lose weight but will drive cravings. What counts here is the total food consumption should equal the calories required for muscle repair, energy and controlling your blood sugars to avoid cravings, which is why we recommend eating healthy snacks several times a day. I often have a light carbohydrate snack in the late evening before bed as I find it helps me to sleep better.




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