More evidence publicised today exercise and health

Today I read more evidence published across the media emphasising how exercise can improve your chances of staying healthy into your pensionable life.

It’s been said before and I can reiterate here, if you maintain regular physical activity every day you reduce the risk of all the common diseases including the risk if a heart attack by 52%

So why do 70% of the population ignore the evidence, sit at home, over eat, consume convenience food high in salt, trans fats and sugar. I wish I had the answer. 

Look at it another way, do nothing! Retire at 65-70, do less start to rack up more visits to the health service for:

Being Overweight,Type2 diabetes, hip problems, eyesight problems, probable early onset of dementia and a gradual increase in poor mobility resulting in you having to go into a care home in your eighties.

I don’t know about you but the idea of 10-15 or 20 years sat in a care home is not my idea of life as a pensioner. 

Today I met a really nice chap in the gym when I asked him about his week , he told me…

“I coach to adult martial arts classes and one junior, I’m in two choirs and a drama group, I get to the gym 3 times and walk most days” wow I asked how old are you? He answered 75 next week. How do you fit it all in? It’s my life, you just do.

That’s living after work on a pension



  1. So true, do you know how frustrating it is, take yesterday you just want a pee; go to gents three urinals but you can’t get close because the guy infront has taken up all the space of all three! Wanted to leave him my card but his hands were full.


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