Foods to Include In Your Meal Plan and Why

The best choice foods for every day health should be nutrient dense whole foods that you see in the market daily. They are easily available; bright in appearance and taste good.

Ideally your food should have the minimum of processing, be natural, and where possible organic, for the maximum nutritional benefits.FruitandVeggie

How to Change From Processed To Fresh

Making eating habit changes is one of the most difficult things to work on. This is because there are so many associations between your lifestyle and your diet. If you recognise these associations we call them “triggers”


Because they trigger a behaviour that will call you to either grab something to eat or to sit in front of the television and crash. Controlling your triggers is fundamental in achieving control over your energy levels, cravings and losing fat. When you feel the urge to crave, this is a clear sign your blood sugar is out of balance and falling, causing a drop in energy and feeling tired the last thing you should do is grab a quick fix candy bar or a shot of caffeine. This trigger can be controlled by improving your diet and eating sensibly.

You are unlikely to want to change to dramatically because this will probably elicit a shock to your body that you can’t cope with and set you up for a fail before you start.

Make one or two changes you feel you can manage and keep these up until you are ready for another. Taking your time and creating change will be more successful over the long term. Two which are good to start with are; eating breakfast and exercising 30 minutes every single day. Watch for changes to your mood and energy levels as they improve. You should then be ready for the next one; let’s say, eating more vegetables and reduce shop bought ready meals. You will probably notice that you naturally want to drink more fluids as you are exercising more.

If you exercise in the morning you will need a light breakfast a simple way to achieve this is with a fruit or vegetable shake like juice plus; which is a complete and natural source of the maximum qualities of nutrients require to support your exercise and recovery.fruitsandvegetablespic-1

Eating a plentiful supply of vegetables and fruit is hard to do if you are not used to volume eating; another way to get round this is to choose a supplement to boost your immunity and intake of essential nutrients, however I always recommend fresh where possible, so make an effort to take these in frequently during your day.

Lunch time smoothie or vegetable soup

Afternoon fresh fruit.

An evening meal with fresh vegetable as a casserole, stir fry, ratatouille with fresh fish or chicken.

During the evening have more fruit with cheese instead of reaching for a chocolate bar.

Achieving the change over from a poor quality diet to one rich in fresh nutrients can be a challenge, I am here to support you. You can always ask me a question.

As someone who worked in the restaurant business for 35 years before moving to personal training and nutrition I am not short of ideas.



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