How to Keep Going As You Get Older

What’s older? If you are over 60 and been active for a number of years, like me, you will consider that age is only a number!IMG_2512

This might be true and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that your metabolic age may be 15-20 years younger than your actual age. As comforting as this is you can’t and shouldn’t deny the aging process.


The aging process in reality means you lose strength by as much as 70% compared to a young man. Your muscular structure will become less pliable and your bone density may decline. Ouch!

So, how to keep going tips:

  1. Maintain daily activity
  2. Vary your activity between some intensity and those of low intensity
  3. Allow more time between hard activity sessions so you can recover. This will vary with the individual; between 2-4 days.
  4. Take up Yoga or Pilates or Tai-Chi to maintain flexibility and good energy levels
  5. Take massages frequently to maintain good muscle condition and tone, removing knots and tight adhesive muscle fibre
  6. Drink plenty of fluid and reduce alcohol consumption
  7. Sleep 9-10 hours for good recovery
  8. Eat a fresh diet full of varied fruit and vegetables
  9. Maintain good sources of protein from meat and fish unless you are a vegetarian. You need to find the best sources to suit you.
  10. Include some high density nutrition to fortify your immune system.


Take up some weight training sufficient to maintain your muscles with a varied set of exercises designed around your activity; this means chose exercises which support your activity and will not make your muscles heavy and tense as a result, but reduce the risk of injuries as your age increases and flexibility and suppleness reduces.




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