Benefits of exercise as you get older

What are the benefits to exercising when you are getting older, by that I mean you are probably over 60 approaching retirement, possibly not as fit as you want to be, thinking its too late to get fit.

This is a good news day there are so many benefits facing you that its absolutely not too late to start thinking about what to do with a bit of extra time you will have once you stop regular working.

First the Benefits:

  1. Improved energy
  2. Reducing the risk of osteoporosis
  3. Improving Insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes
  4. Reducing depression
  5. Reducing the risk of a heart attack and other cardiac risks by 52%
  6. Reducing the risk of developing all health diseases substantially.
  7. Making new friends

My two favourites are 1 and 7

As you get older you naturally slow down as your metabolism slows, the muscles lose elasticity, your strength reduces and then you body takes longer to recover from your activities. You will naturally find that your energy levels appear low. Exercise or if you prefer a nice social engagement activity can help you to improve energy levels and make friends at the same time; how; seeking out social activities like dancing, table tennis will help you mix with new people and make new friends.20150623_124141803_iOS

Osteoporosis symptoms can be improved when you do any exercise which involves impact, dancing, running, tennis, weight training are all examples.

Type 2 Diabetes is a desperately increasing risk for many people who are over weight; participating in regular exercise can help you to reduce the risk, how: as you exercise you body will use up stored sugar in your muscles; which is then replenished by the carbohydrate sugars in your diet; if you consume more carbohydrates and refined sugars than you need the extra will be stored in your fat cells.

Depression; as you exercise your body produces a hormone called “Endorphin” this is a mood enhancing hormone which helps you to feel better. Mixing with other people has additional benefits for depression as you interact with other people; you are less likely to dwell on your personal problems. All activities will help but mixed group activities are probably better.

Heart attacks are reduced by 52% when you are active every day; according to the latest information from the NHS and all other health organisations. this activity does not have to be strenuous but it does have to be regular ideally daily and for bouts of 10 minutes or more 3-4 times a day.

Take a way message exercise is the best medicine for most lifestyle related diseases and it’s completely free.

Want to know what’s best or how to start


Photo of one of my favourite swimming groups in the Lakes “Swim the Lakes”


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