How to cope with eating when you are away on business

I don’t know about you but I would not be surprised if you find keeping to a healthy eating regime when you are away on business, really difficult; there are so many barriers to throw you of plan:

Your going to be busy for a start and the last thing on your mind is eating, because its largely out of your hands and you are at the mercy of other people. Let’s take your morning arrival; coffee breaks, bagels, muffins, croissants, biscuits are all there ready to throw you of course. Lunch sandwiches, fried food, white bread, high sugar flap jacks, biscuits and chocolate bars. Your afternoon break more coffee, cakes and biscuits. Ouch!!

Where are you now? Stressed not just due to your event itinerary and workshops, busy meetings, negotiations, personalities to handle, its not surprising you get a headache half way through your day.

Think about why and what you can do about it next time.

I reckon you will consume around 6 coffee’s and 3000 calories of refined sugars in all those tempting snacks.

Loading yourself up with caffiene is not just good to stimulate your exercise its going to over stimulate your other senses heart rate, blood pressure as well, all the refined products will raise your blood glucose levels to HIGH for a while followed by a few crashes around 30-60 minutes after each break. If you have been eating healthily for a while the effects of sugar highs and crashes will more than likely be emphasised. This could raise your cortisol and adrenaline levels, leading to erratic behaviour; mood swings and potentially irritability not a good combination if you are at a meeting with the boss or a client.

What should you do?

Preparation is key work out what you are going to be doing, who with, availability of good alternative food items, timings and how you are going to get around the temptation of eating crappy cheap sugary food all day.

Take your good healthy food and snack preparations with you in a food bag, load up on bottles of water keeping the coffee to a minimum will get you through your day nicely. At lunch take the healthier items on the menu; vegetarian and fruit options and stay clear of lots of fried food.

Try to take frequent breaks in  the fresh air, consider taking meetings while you walk outside, these strategies will help to keep your mind fresh; stimulated and the blood flowing through your brain with a plentiful supply of oxygen, allowing for clearer thought processes to thrive.


Stormin pt




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