What’s your day look like

I am often asked as a personal trainer what my day looks like, how much exercise I do, what I have for breakfast, dinner etc, most people I believe asking this question are looking to compare my day with their’s.

Thats not really fair on them is it; for a start my job is to at least look fit and behave accordingly and I can only do my best, I would answer don’t put all this pressure on your self and make appropriate changes to your lifestyle to achieve what ever goal you are setting for yourself.

Back to my day then:

7:30 rise and grab my running clothes, a large glass of water before heading out with my Husky for a 3-4 mile run through the park and back via the woods.

2012-02-05 10.36.428:30 Shower followed by breakfast of oats with banana and berries with milk, a mug of hot lemon and ginger before settling down to check my email and domestic routine.

10am Prepare for a cycle ride of 12 miles to the gym where I work, this I would do two-three times a week, or use the car on the other day’s. 48 min ride to the gym, a shower and then my usual large latte and recovery smoothie.

11:30 – 19:30 I work as a fitness manager with some personal training clients, the rest of the time i spend managing and playing with my PT team. More accurately they are playing me and constantly dreaming up new innovative ways to work with our clients which usually they will test out on me or each other.

14:00 Would be lunch of a large pasta or rice dish with some protein usually fish or meat, followed by a fruit smoothie and washed down with a pint of water.

During the late afternoon I will snack on on nuts and fruit cake with plenty of water.

20:00 I will start my return commute home on my bike which is quicker due to the adrenaline rush I feel after a busy day at work, so around 42 minutes.

21:00 Home to a shower, followed by dinner, usually a large portion of carbs, lots of vegetables and finished with a half tub of yoghurt with a little Honey washed down with a litre of water.

Bed is usually 22:30 but hey I also wake up between 1am and 2am for an early breakfast of oats, I find this helps me sleep like a baby, generally  I need this as it takes a while for the adrenalin to wear of after my brisk ride home. The endorphins from the exercise help make you feel better but its a bugger getting to sleep, this is where the carbs come in as they stimulate serotonin which helps you to sleep and relax.

On the day’s I am not cycling I will do a strength workout a longer run or a swim. This works for me because I’m in training for triathlons later in the year.

In summary I eat a lot of food, drink at least 3 litres of water, One or two coffee’s and 4oz Yoghurt with 3 portions of fruit during the day, 2 juice plus capsules and recovery smoothie. 5 portions of vegetables.

Exercise 10 hours a week and sleep 9 hours a night.


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