My workout week to maintain the edge


As a triathlete in his senior years its important to me to workout on a regular basis. 

The main reason is because as I get older my ability to maintain strength and fitness both become increasingly more difficult, requiring longer recovery between sessions due to my muscles gradually losing strength and pliability which is quite normal. This for some who do not understand the ageing process may lead them to frustration or denial, neither is necessary if you understand its quite normal and can be managed, by regular training. To ignore or deny that this process is occurring will inevitable lead to an increased risk of injury.

An untrained person may lose up to 70% of strength between 20 and 70 however if you have been training during your 40’s and 70’s this process of aging can be managed to a more acceptable level. You will regularly see competitors participating in endurance events late into their 70’s even 80’s which is quite inspiring for many who are younger. I see in my own gym men and women in their late 60’s to 80’s with good tone and fitness.

How do you achieve and maintain your current level of fitness?

By training and not giving up.

Train at least 3 times a week alternating hard and easier sessions to allow your body time to recover, which will help in maintaining your current fitness, however if you want, like me to do better than that; you can train 5 days a week. Train like you mean it though and don’t waste time, let’sface it we don’t have time to waste “Live Life to the full”.

Strategy for you to consider based on your type of main conditioning.

Use training intensity intelligently hard training should be followed by recovery so choosing to rest completely or participating in another activity which may compliment your training is a wise choice you can for example chose swimming, yoga or Tai chi all offer continued mobility and good breathing to prevent you from just tightening up which is what happens if you go and lie down for a few hours.

If you would like more information on the right strategy for you please email me and we can discuss your options.

My week goes something like this:

Sunday long bike ride of 50- 80 miles or more followed by stretching

Monday lighter day but incorporating a long walk and swim training

Tuesday cycle commute to work 45min each way, gentle gym workout on conditioning

Wednesday morning jog or walk, pm tai chi practice

Thursday morning jog followed by cycle commute and kettlebell workout

Friday Tai chi class followed by swim or conditioning workout in the gym

Saturday morning cycle ride with a group 2 – 3 hours or open water swimming

How do you track your fitness? 

Do you have a medium or long term plan?

Contact me for your plan, include your preferred activities as well as your goal.



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