Stay fit into your older years

How do you maintain your fitness and strength as you get older?

Don’t think just because you are getting older you have to stop doing all the activities you enjoy, even if you have not been very active you can still work on improving while you can.

You just need to get the correct advice from a trainer to help you adjust your existinDIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILg training within the boundaries suited to your current ability. Now, if you have not been training due to other pressures or commitments in your lifestyle it’s never too late to start. In fact, it’s more important to start out as soon as possible because as you age your health, strength and fitness all decline over time, leaving you susceptible to a whole variety of debilitating conditions.

As our strength declines it will affect your health, your blood pressure may increase, along with your heart rate due in part to low fitness and poor diet. Your strength declining affects your ability to maintain a good posture, as this becomes weak your spine will begin to sag as it increases pressure on your lower back.

Balance problems will undoubtedly lead to poor stability increasing the risk of falls breaks and joint replacements.

As if this isn’t bad enough, you may begin to suffer from cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Let’s try and sort this out for you, if you are reading this, I’m guessing you are either in the health industry or an older person who needs help. If you need help please fill out the contact form for me to get back to you.

How to improve your fitness

As a regular exerciser in your 60’s you may discover that your knees and hips are beginning to be more painful than they used to, this might be natural wear and the beginning of osteoarthritis which affects the lining of your joints as they will wear. My advice would be to first seek a professional diagnosis then make a decision on your activity. There is always an alternative to consider this may be kinder on your joints by being less stressful.

Chose to exercise most days being active is a lifestyle choice best done daily taken as medicine except it’s pretty much free and can save your life, most certainly keep you out of a care home.

On two days increase the effort so that you are stretching your cardiovascular system to make it stronger, in other words, sweat a bit. Steady if you are suffering from high blood pressure.

How to get stronger or keep your strength

ignore everyone who says you are too old, they are usually friends and family who don’t understand the importance of being strong. I’ve seen people in their late 80’s doing the most amazing things and accomplishing events or tasks most people can’t imagine. You could too.

You can complete body weight exercises nearly every day which will not hurt you once you make it a habit or weekly routine. So activities like Pilates, Tai Chi and body balance will all improve and maintain your mobility, flexibility and make your legs stronger. Improving our breathing, lung capacity as well as reducing stress both physically and emotional.

Weight-bearing exercises can help you maintain and improve your muscular strength which has many lifestyle benefits including health, appearance, vitality.

Find a facility you will enjoy visiting every week chose classes or workouts you are comfortable with, if you need help ask for it from a qualified trainer, not the guy or girl next to you, they be giving you improper advice.

Use it or loose it.

“Look after your body, it’s the only one you have” Jim Rhone


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