Baby Boomers staying fit into their 60’s

This weekend the Mail On Sunday ran an article on the benefits of staying fit into your 60’s and beyond.

It’s not often I get coverage in a National Newspaper but I was delighted to be featured in this article on how so many over 60’s are staying fit through our 60’s, with all the benefits of being fit and healthy.

I work with several people over 60 who are an inspiration for anyone who wonders what it would be like to be fit and healthy, people often think its too late but that is so far from the truth or reality. Do you want to look great? appear 15 years younger than you are? to be fit enough to walk around with out becoming breathless? of course you do.

You can start now; right now; go out for a walk, swimming of pick up a guide to #getmoving.

Unless you have some physical or medical reason for not doing so in which case you should ask for advice on exercising from your consultant or a personal trainer as appropriate to your condition. In most cases you can take part in some activity to suit you because it is exercise which is going to make you better. As a Personal Trainer I will look after you; make sure I chose appropriate exercise or activities which promote improvement, in some cases this can take many months of patience to achieve but it is always worth it.

Are you out of shape?

If you are plainly out of shape its time to make that first step and get out, do something about it or you can ignore the inevitable and get worse and call everyone else plonkers or idiots for spoiling your day.

My cycle race

Yesterday I was participating in the Tour of Cambridge a cycling Gran Fondo, this is a race of 85 miles with 8000 competitors on closed roads, I was one of a smaller group in my age category over 65 but we were there putting in the best effort we could along with everyone else.  What struck me though was how amazing it is to have so many spectators cheering us on as we pass or whizz through many local villages in the sunshine; how many people there were sitting outside pubs drinking and cheering us on, ( I could have welcomed a pint just then~) but so many were severely over weight.


If you would like to get into shape contact me or read my book digital_book_thumbnail



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