Friday Basics….do you agree?

Banded Carolina Girl

No dieting..

You might think that dieting is the key to losing weight but eating healthy foods, in moderation, is much better. Dieting can lead to feeling hungry and then you might be tempted to overeat. Instead, make sure to eat three healthy meals each day and have a variety of healthy snacks around for in between meals.

Recognize the differences between emotional and physical hunger. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. If your mind says you want to eat but you know you have recently eaten or your stomach doesn’t feel hungry, you are probably emotionally eating. Instead of stopping to eat as soon as you decide to eat, give yourself time to allow your cravings to pass.

If this helps, write down everything you eat. Keeping a food journal can help you see what you eat and how much you eat. Write down how you…

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