Benefits of exercise

2015-09-08 21.46.11There are many benefits of exercising for everyone and very few negatives, the fact is exercising is perceived by the majority as being hard work, sweaty and uncomfortable. Excuses for not exercising are numerous and easily found especially for people who fail to see the benefits, possibly because they have been brought up in a non-exercising environment.
Finding a solution to this is complicated for so many, the reasons may be psychological and conditional on pressures beyond the physical, so a solution will be difficult to find without the intervention of an experienced and properly qualified instructor. Versed in coaching skills possibly with some Neurological programming experience but even this can be difficult and requires the patient client to be prepared to consider training in the first instance.
Reasons to exercise
These may well be easier to establish as we are all familiar with the usual falling into the less complicated motivations.
Weight loss
Improve fitness
Loose or gain size.
Cardiac recovery
Mobility complications
Chronic illness or disease
The majority of potential clients may not recognise the need to exercise and have no inclination to change, totally ignore the health warnings printed in the popular press on a daily basis. In-fact you are often in denial until something happens which is close to you a friend or relative which is so serious that you finally wake up and realise that you are not immortal in-fact you are actually at increased risk of cancer, heart attack or serious life threatening disease by not exercising especially if your waistline is over 37” and your BMI is over 30. So what are the benefits of exercise? And how can you achieve them?

Benefits of Exercise

You can reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke by 52%
Improves your blood pressure
Improves your fitness by improving your oxygen transportation to your muscles
Decreases the risk of coronary artery disease
Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
Decreased bone density loss in postmenopausal women
Reduces stress

An hour a day of moderate activity like walking can be completed in 10-minute blocks to make it easier to achieve.
Get up from your desk or couch for a 5 minutes in every hour
Go for a walk at lunch or before bed at night
Take up an activity you enjoy with others
Join an activity group or a class.


These are the main benefits there are many more side bonuses you will discover on your journey into greater health and wellbeing, for example, improved body image and sex drive are two you might well appreciate.

On the other hand, people who stay in denial, ignore the advice can look forward to spending more time in a care facility with constant visits to the hospital to treat the preventable disease they likely to develop than you are taking care of your body while you can.

Take away message
Most hospital visits are totally preventable if you take care of your body by daily exercise and eating more vegetables and less processed food.

If you know someone who can use our help you can email me on this website or direct them to my book which is a first step guide to making a change to your lifestyle for anyone who has not exercised in a long time.


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