Promoting yourself in your own business

IMG_0004Self-promotion is alway’s something I have found difficult.

Over a long number of years whenever someone asked me to get up and make a presentation to a group of my peers; I always found it difficult, I guess it was a lack of confidence and not wanting to look stupid. Then after changing my career 15 years ago I had to put myself in front of groups of people looking for leadership and discovered I quite enjoyed it. My biggest regret was not having the tenacity to discover this 30 years ago.

Recently I looked at a tube video of an octogenarian who has recreated himself on a number of occasions achieving amazing personas, finding this truly inspiring it challenged me to look at what i have achieved and consider what I might achieve next! Getting older is an inevitability to be faced head on and certainly, no reason to give up and look back at what might have been. I meet too many people in their late 50’s who are already considering themselves as old, my role is to try and reignite their ambition and desire to live.

Recently I decided it was time to start this process of cutting back in preparation for retiring from my full-time job, actually, it’s not about retiring at all, I intend to enjoy the process of recreating my next chapter. The first stage was looking back on my life careers then take a holiday to clear my head in preparation for considering how to approach the next chapter.

This is where self-promotion comes into play, in order to come up with another game plan you have to know who you are, then get out and push yourself in front of the audience you believe will appreciate what you have to offer.

This is what I have managed to achieve so far this year in this attempt to promote my skills unless you do it no one else will do it for you.

  1. Published a book on exercise for middle-aged populations
  2. Wrote a number of submissions for a national marketing campaign
  3. Featured in a national newspaper as an inspiring personal trainer
  4. Completed two photo shoots being featured as an older male model
  5. This Autumn another article in a trade magazine “FitPro”
  6. Currently setting myself up in training as a Tai Chi instructor to future proof my wellbeing into my 80’s
  7. Started delivering talks to groups of people interested in improving their wellbeing
  8. Started going to Network meetings to build meaningful relationships within my market demographics

There is plenty more yet to do and improve upon, if you are closing in on your own retirement don’t give up, capitalise on what you have to offer from a lifetime of experience.

Norman Brown 67

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