Unlocking the mysteries of nutrition

Can we unlock this array of nutritional information for the benefit of your average public?
One of our biggest hurdles when talking to clients is the opportunity to help them unravel information overload, everyone has an opinion about their diet based on a lifetime of influence, this may be family, lifestyle, friends, Internet, weight loss groups or their counsellor. The media is awash with advice, studies, contradictions or fads it’s no surprise everyone is confused.

Putting the science aside for a moment maybe the first place to start is that the majority of people are not Interested in micronutrients or how they work in the body, simply speaking do they not just want to know what to eat and when.

You need to eat without food you die, food is the foundation of your body, how it performs and how long you live. So what is food, a combination of protein, carbohydrate, and fats, all are essential along with this you consume vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, water to maintain your body in optimum condition.

Does you average person need to know much more, some will but most do not.

Eating too much food causes weight gain, however too little food causes many complications, weakness, bone disease, low energy ultimately starvation or early death as seen in many care homes. Relying on food from food processing wherever you buy it will lead to increased sugar consumption, as sugar is added to most processed products to make them more palatable or attractive to buy. Excessive sugar leads to weight gain, often we do not realise how much sugar we eat but you will notice the extra 2 kg of body-fat you gain each year. Becoming heavily overweight increases illness, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and twice the risk of a heart attack.

If you are interested in how I can help you understand and to overcome any of these problems please contact me Norman.brown@storminpt.com I will analyse your diet lifestyle with all its carefully woven intricacies to assist you in developing a plan to make a few changes which can get your back on track.IMG_2785

Stories are circulating today in the media about the influence of exercise on your health and how activities can reduce the reliance of medication in controlling disease, I was interviewed on the radio today for my opinion on how this would work for anyone overweight.

You can benefit from my experience by contacting me for advice.


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