Eating to improve and recover from training

Do you train regularly and do you follow a carefully planned refuel strategy?

I train most days a week for around an hour sometime twice a day at the weekends I may be out on a event or training run for over 5 hours, I couldn’t do this without refuelling as soon as I get back; followed by an hour sleep.

What is your strategy it would be good to hear?

What do you use to refuel?

Maybe you just grab a Big Mac?


Personally I’ll go for a recovery protein shake as soon as I get in, I have plenty of recipe ideas for healthy shakes if you want to request them.

After I shower I will eat real food around an hour later, keeping it as healthy as my discipline will allow, this will or usually include 50% carbohydrate 30% lean protein 20% healthy fats. Now that’s not always what my body is screaming out for.


Avoiding high sugar and salty recovery food is important if you really wish to recover quickly, note that giving into your cravings  will result in bad food, bad results, wrong weight gain and continued tiredness.

Let me know what you think?


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