Juice Plus, what is it?


What exactly is Juice Plus and can it help? The sum of the parts in whole nutrition you are probably not getting in your own diet.

These questions and more I am often asked about with Juice Plus, there is a simple explanation, I like simple, too many people try and complicate what should be simple.

Juice Plus is a blend of fruit, vegetables, and berries that’s it! nothing more.

Let me be frank, nothing in this world is better for your body than whole nutritious food, why? The body repairs at a cellular level, in other words from the inside out and every 90 days your cells are replaced. Which it does based on the nutrients you have put into your body through the food and drink consumed on a daily basis.

That said, if you are eating a great nutritious diet you are in a better place than most of our populations worldwide, we have epidemic levels of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancers and coronary heart disease and a host of other lifestyle issues all related to our lack of good nutrition.

So to come back to the original question, if you are not getting all the great nutrition you need and want to avoid spending years in poor health, what do you do? Well, a lot of health experts may recommend changing your diet good or using artificial supplements and hormone replacement, is this what YOU want to do? No put more junk in your body or would you prefer something natural.

It’s a well-researched fact that the supplementation industry is built on litres or pints if you prefer imperial measurements, of urine and excrement disposed of every single day, because most of that supplementation is not absorbed in the correct portion of your digestion tract.

What you need is real food! fact

If you can’t get enough real food in your busy lifestyle you need a supplementation system which does work based on real food, which is what Juice Plus products do; the only thing extracted is water, as the product is dehydrated in the processes of blending 30 types of fruit and vegetables before being capsulated.

That’s it, no miracle cures or false statements it does what real food does, improves how the body works after consuming 30 types of veggies every day.

Check here for more information  pic5



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