Doctors not trained in nutrition a scandal

Cancer increase in 40 years


At a time when lifestyle diseases like Type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardio vascular disease, cancers and osteoporosis which are all nutrition related, our GP’s are not trained in nutrition! How on earth?

Is it any wonder that your average GP relies on medication to solve your condition rather than consider a nutrition solution.

Over 50% of hospital admissions and diseases amongst our population are the result of poor nutrition and lifestyle and yet the medical profession does not seem to accept the role of educating their patients in how eating and exercise will reduce their symptoms, in many cases eradicate a bad condition.

The building blocks of your body comprises millions of cells, each of these will reproduce in less than a year, so if you continue to abuse, insult and stress your body what do you think will be the outcome. Well 75% of the population are already seeing the effects on their body and if you were born before 1960 50% are now suffering from cancer.

Lets consider these facts:

  • Skin will rebuild itself every month
  • The lining of your stomach in 5 day’s
  • Your Skeletal system (bones)  will rebuild itself in three months!

So if you change to a healthier diet what an amazing transformation might you expect to see, there have been 1000’s of studies done which demonstrate the value of improved diet reducing 98% of lifestyle related disease.

This is why within my role as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables and organic produce is a fundamental recommendation. Talking to groups and explaining the role of nutrition is one of the most rewarding roles in my job.

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