What does your fridge say about you


Whilst I was away this weekend at a conference we were brainstorming ideas to boost our business helping people achieve change.

One of the ideas we came up with was doing a critique on the contents of your refrigerator, thats yours not mine, what do you think, would you be prepared to send in a live video or a photo and have our nutrition and health lifestyle experts take a look and offer advice?

Contact us for a review.

How do you cope with the complex demands of your family diet out shopping, how does this hamper your good intentions to lose weight?

You are out at the supermarket and everyone is making demands for different food preferences and you have to juggle, fill the cart with lots of items which may not be a good healthy choice. I know its difficult and coping with his can be one reason you find it difficult to eat healthy.

I’m banned fro the supermarket by my wife for being embarrassing, this is something to do with my habit of trolley watching and analysing your trolley against your perceived lifestyle.

One reason I admit to this is due to not understanding a common reply when talking about eating healthy I often here its expensive, then I see a trolley full of expensive convenience food and white refined produce with little to know nutrient value.

One of the more rewarding roles I have is to talk to groups about their challenging meal planning, unfortunately we have a generation of mums who missed out on being educated in school on how to cook. Part of what I and my colleague are doing is helping people to understand how simple and healthy cooking can be; this we do through events we hold locally. #whatsfordinner



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