Food and your Body

How the food you eat works with your body and understanding why it’s important

Food is amazing it’s delicious, visually appealing, socially acceptable, convenient and nutritious.

Food contains all the nutrients required to maintain the body

Protein for cellular growth
Vitamins to maintain function
Minerals and other compounds to maintain fluid levels; cellular health; bone health
Fats for hormones, nervous system protection and energy.

Although for most people it’s mostly to do with the need to eat, convenience and to taste great.

Oh and its part of the way we socialise, right.

So what’s wrong

In the bid to accommodate function, convenience and taste we have lost the true meaning of why food is so important to the essence of the body.

The human body requires nutrients to survive part of this mechanism is that the body regenerates all the time, if you don’t take care of what you put into your body, it will simply breakdown.

Do you remember the advertising slogan you are what you eat!

If you eat poor quality food, stress and don’t exercise
You will become toxic, obese and ill

Your body will in part regenerate every 7 years

The human body cells are constantly regenerating and splitting, for some body parts quicker than others.
For example:

Stomach 2-9 dayscell1
Skin 10-30 days
White blood cells 2 – 5days
Lungs 8 days
Skeleton 10% a year
Fat cells 10 years
Gastrointestinal tract 3-4days

The point of explaining this is to inform you that if your current body is constantly regenerating, so what you eat now and how you look after your body must have a major impact on your future health.

Put this another way if you wish to avoid major diseases maintaining your body in the healthiest condition is the only way you can prevent developing an acidic, toxic environment for your body to suffer acute oxidative stress leading cells to become damaged and cancerous (90% cancers are lifestyle related).

The breakdown of cells is due to a highly acidic body and maintaining a low Ph state Is one where Cancer cells can not survive.

The process of body breakdown is due to high levels of free radicle damage at a cellular level, causes for this include:

Poor diet, high intake of alcohol, stress, poor sleep and lack of activity.

Offsetting this damage can be achieved by eating a healthier diet rich in food with a high antioxidant value, these tend to be darker and red in colour. However, antioxidant food is only part of the solution because repairing free radicle damage requires a much higher level of antioxidants than we can consume. So where does the balance come from?

Eating a high vegetable and fruit diet will create a low Ph-value in the body one that allows the body to produce its own antioxidants at a much higher rate of a 1000/1 over the 1/1 ratio of those we eat.

The food you eat plays a much more important role here than most people realise

For a start it influence your body’s ph.

Acidity contributes to degenerative conditions like Gastrointestinal, cardiac and circulatory problems, kidney disease, osteoporosis, muscle wasting, decreased energy and many more.

Eating a healthier diet is one where you eat as fresh as possible consuming a wide range of fresh vegetable and fruit daily, to obtain nutrients including many compounds which have a regenerative effect on the body.

However, eating enough fresh produce is for many difficult to achieve the RDA in the UK is 5, In Australia 7 and the USA 10, do you manage to maintain this level of fresh produce. Eating this much is partly due to the fact that the farming soils now have much less nutrient content than it did 50 years ago and it can’t be getting any better.

For this reason, a whole industry has built up around supplementation, everywhere you look there are markets advertising supplements to compensate for what you are not getting in your everyday diet.

The problem with this is that to start with they are manufactured in a laboratory meaning they are synthetic, some experts question whether supplements work because they can not be absorbed properly in the body, leading to high levels of these nutrients circulating in the sanitary system.

The body utilises vitamins and minerals best when they are acquired through whole foods, together with a huge number of phytonutrients, in one item of whole food there could be over 200, if you were to eat 30 portions of fruit and vegetable each day the synergist effect of all those nutrients working together would be life changing.

There are whole food alternative supplements on the market but these are not produced by the leading pharmaceuticals which make them more difficult to find in the mainstream.

Which is why I distribute, Juice plus as it is a whole food alternative with a 50 year proven record of helping people overcome many conditions, which they could only achieve by eating pounds of fresh produce daily. As capsules you can take 27-30 varieties of Fruit & vegetables each day; you can also use the Shake complete as a breakfast or as I do recovery drink following my workout, promoting muscles repair and replacing lost energy very quickly after my workout, ensuring I  am ready for my day’s activities without being too tired.foodtable

For more information on Juice plus why it’s effective and how for around £2 a day you can improve your health by reducing oxidative stress.

Leading to a stressed out body which is slowly wearing out.

“We must eat to live and live to eat.” 

Henry Fielding, British author


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