Supplements are they right for you

Do you take a vitamin supplement millions of people do.

Most people take a range of supplements to boost deficiencies in their regular diet, I believe there is a general view that what we are eating these day’s is not as nutritious as it used to be. This is kind of supported by the proliferation of supplements available with extensive marketing telling us that what we need is a multivitamin along with a omega 3, vitamin d and B complex, many minerals etc to help you and i get through our day.

What is not so commonly know is that the main supplies are actually manufactured supplements these are not all absorbed into the body at the same time or in fact in the right part of your digestive tract. Only around 30% is absorbed into your body the rest is excreted through urine and smelly brown stuff, thats awkward because the sewerage department now have millions of gallons of waste to treat which is full of medication and supplements  your system could not use. So technically we are drinking it whether we want to or not.

The supplement industry is worth Millions and of all the studies cited there is no clinical evidence that taking multi vitamins or other isolated products actually work regardless of why you think you need them. It is also a highly regulated business to protect us from the vast array of poorly produced supplements from around the world which may be harmful in certain cases.

What is clearly indicated is a recommendation to improve your diet by absorbing your nutrients from whole foods.

The supplements your body needs are best achieved by eating real food as real food contains hundreds of phytonutrients which work synergistically with each other to achieve optimum absorption. In this way you will achieve maximum nutrient efficiency, this is what makes the real difference, so if you are not achieving 7-10 portions of fresh vegetables and fruit each day you can and probably should consider a whole food supplement.

These are available but generally not through your regular pharmacy, I guess this is due to their tie to pharmaceutical companies who are making more money through manufacturing something which is in effective.

Their is no doubt a big movement is currently in place to educate people in nutrition being the way forward to improving our health through food, many doctors now supporting the concept that through better nutrition you can reduce the need for medication; its many side effects and the declining  health spiral that so many particularly elderly people are enduring.

The main source for natural supplements tends to be through network marketing companies I represent one of the best researched companies in Juice Plus, with a credibility and trading profile stretching back 50 years, their programmes are simple based on a small range or quality items the main product being capsules, shakes and for children on their family programme chewable gummies , in total you would be eating a variety of 30 fruit and vegetables a day.

If you are interested in learning more please contact me here  This is a vast subject which is not possible to cover in this short blog, I would be very happy to do a presentation to you or a group.



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