Are you planning any exercise for the holiday

Are thinking of doing any exercise over the Christmas holiday,  I don’t know about you but I plan on eating well over this holiday so getting in a workout is my way of keeping the calorie intake in check, I plan on keeping my exercise short but still effective. So let’s look at the options.
If you are a regular exerciser you have probably got a plan already, well done and happy Holiday, keeping to your game plan is paramount to making sure you don’t pile on lots of weight you can’t shift in the New Year. To help you guys who may be quite new to exercising regularly and may even struggle with what to eat and when, if you can exercise or even feel guilty at the thought of eating the festive treats, please enjoy yourself and maybe apply these few hot tips here.

1. Forget not eating after 6pm, it’s the total calorie intake that counts not the time of day or night when you eat; especially if you get home late.

2. Binging out on rich food is a great opportunity to get a load more nutrients into your body you may have been avoiding, these extra goodies will probably do you good in the long run, you can rein it back in in January.

3. Aim to get in a workout every day, I find it easier to get up before everyone else and go for a run or swim early. This makes me feel a whole lot better about enjoying the food when we all get to it.

4. Complete at least two High intensity sessions in your Christmas week, high intensity sessions are more effective at boosting your fat burning, more time efficient as you can get them done in 20 minutes.

5. Sleeping off your lunch is a wonderful way to allow your body to recover, so don’t feel guilty.

Take home reminders

Most adults pile on at least a 1kg possibly 2 over the holidays

Your average Christmas dinner could easily see you consuming 8000 calories over the day

My top tip to keep this under control

Drink lots of water before you eat and particularly before a party

Fat does not make you fat but loads of sugar will, so watch how much confectionery you eat.

Eat lots of vegetables

Turkey is high in tryptophan a hormone which can help you to relax, it increases serotonin also a mood enhancer which might help in avoiding family arguments.

Enjoy your Christmas celebrations after a short sharp workout.

Finally if you know someone who wants help in the New Year, you could buy my short book to help them get started, with all they need to help them get started properly.

Merry Christmas


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