How to fit in your daily exercise

A question I am often asked is how do you fit in your exercise each day?

To begin with it helps if you are in the right mindset to work on your objectives, simply put if you are determined to improve your fitness, adopt a healthy mindset and all can be accomplished.

Decide what time of the day suits you best, not all work life balance will fit easily into your box of ideals, so you will need to think about your training like other appointments and plan them into your diary. Doing this will help you to stay on track.

Exercising early in the morning is really beneficial to making sure you get your training in when you are nice and relaxed, other benefits include boosting your immune system, getting vitamin D from a natural source (if its in day light!) and it also boosts your endorphins which lift your mood in preparation for managing a busy day.

Exercising in the afternoon during your lunch break will have the same mood enhancing effect plus reduce your stress levels improving your productivity in the afternoon when all your colleagues are probably flagging.

Evening exercise is really good and you have the choice of high intensity or low intensity. Each has different values which are equally beneficial. If you need to bust some stress then  a spin class or other high intensity class such as boot camp or studio class will do the same job and rapidly reduce your working day stress levels to sweat on the floor. The downside would be you will be wired or busting with high octane energy for 4 hours after your class, which if taken too late in the evening may end up keeping you wide awake until midnight.

On the other hand a more relaxing activity like yoga, tai chi and swimming will help to promote relaxation and prepare you for a good early nights sleep.

The following video will give you a sneak preview of my morning run each day.

If you would like more ideas on how to fit exercise and healthy living into your day, have a look at the private members subscription, where you will find lots of tips, video exercises and support from our team.




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