Are you proactive or reactive when it comes to you health

Now think for a moment about your body. Would you rather be proactive or reactive with your health?

How many people do you know who don’t exercise, eat poorly, smoke, drink to excess, ignore warning signs…? Suddenly it’s no surprise as to why the obesity rate is roughly 70%. We are a society that takes better care of our cars than we do our bodies.

Don’t believe me? Do you take your car in for its regularly scheduled maintenance? Oil changes? Tyre changes? Car washes? Tune-ups? Of course you do. Most of us wouldn’t dream of buying a car and just driving it into the ground. To do so would be to shorten its useful life and lower its resale value.

Why would you deny the same level of care to your own body.

We can offer regular health checks with lifestyle advice to educate you in how your current lifestyle is impacting your future health.

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