Easter is over

Easter is over for another year time to put down the chocolate and get your diet back on track.

All those Easter eggs pack a huge amount of sugar equivalent to 1000 plus calories, if you were good and only had two you could be looking at 8oz of body fat not taking into account your normal bank holiday diet. Bg-easter-eggs

Don’t tell me chocolate is good for your health because that’s another myth, as the health benefits of dark chocolate are outstripped by the sugar and fat content, which as any food if eaten excessively will increase your risk of diabetes and cardio-vascular disease.

Time to get back to your normal healthy diet, whether your are in the normal balanced healthy food camp, Japanese diet or vegetarian, often
the evidence is skewed in favour of a particular group marketing health food to you; in this case i’m referring to super foods. The headlines for super food claims are often contradictory what is an absolute miracle in one headline can be seen in another as bad for your health.

Eating a balanced diet with a wide range of foods particularly high in fruit and vegetables, will give you a comprehensive intake of nutrients, which your body needs to fight every day free radicle damage, is the best advice we can give you along with keeping to a healthy weight and being active every day to reduce the risk of declining poor health.


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