How to boost your productivity

Creating efficiency at work is one of those management challenges we all strive for and to be honest often frustrated by factors which seem out of our control.

The biggest cost to most organisations is that of the workforce, your colleagues or employees, unless they are nose down, motivated and on the right organisation bus efficiency can get left behind.

Circumstances like missing appointments, deadlines, delivery schedules etc can be missed due to lateness, stress, illness, poor motivation. Maintaining or improving the environment in the office to overcome these problems will have huge benefits for changing an individual’s attitude towards their work, we believe that the healthier and fitter someone is, will reduce incidents of poor attitude, inconsideration, mood swings, low energy and absenteeism through ill health,

Drinking coffee to excess will overstimulate the adrenal system and can lead to increased stress, high blood pressure and frequently shows in the individual as argumentative, anxious and prone to temper flare.

Lack of activity can lead to being overweight with a high BMI, leading to lethargy, tiredness with poor attention in the afternoons.

A diet high in sugar can lead to becoming overweight, increasing the risk of diabetes, will often show early signs of mood swings with highs lasting for short periods followed by a sudden mood and energy crash as their sugar levels bounce around, leading to inconsistency at work.

Poor lunch choices is another common area at work which is overlooked by employees unaware of the effect that eating small meals and snacks can lead to low energy, misguided weight control and high consumption of highly calorific food bad for health.

Often the individual is unaware of the effect their lifestyle has on their work and health in many cases some simple changes can have a dramatic effect beneficial to themselves and to the employer.

As an organisation passionate about healthcare we can provide a comprehensive health assessment and a number of lifestyle workshops in relaxation, food clubs, cooking demonstration, exercise advice and several more leading to positive outcomes for all who attend. We will assess, monitor and follow up each candidate to provide you with the evidence of improvement outcomes for your business.

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