Increasing activity into your day


200290336-001_seniors-tennis_377x171There is supporting evidence published every day on the benefits of exercise but so many people still struggle with fitting in more than their basic trip to work from the car park.

The evidence suggests that increasing your daily activity will improve your health dramatically it will also reduce your risk of all the known diseases including Heart Attacks by 52%, according to the NHS. What does improved health look like, if like many adults you don’t currently do anything more than a light walk, it would be understandable that you will not understand why you would exercise, because, right now you probably feel great as you are.

You could feel better.

You could feel like you are on top of the earth, have boundless energy, clear skin, in good shape and not overweight, you probably would not feel stressed either. Experiencing these feelings would require a shift of mindset, to take a leap of faith and think about how to fit in some activity you can do. The first steps are always the most challenging don’t underestimate how hard this might be for someone not used to exercise, it’s like starting a new job.

How do you fit in the extra?

Step 1

Think about what you do with your day write out a timeline of what your day looks like on paper you have 24 hours to play with, 8 of these should be sleeping, 2 commuting, 1-hour eating? what is in the other 13?

Step 2

Now you have realised you have the time to do something more efficient consider your options.

Seek help to overcome any barriers you have thought of.

Get up earlier and go for a morning swim or a walk.

Get out at lunch with colleagues and take a walk for 20 minutes

In the evening join your local activity centre and try a class or go dancing.

Step 3

Take it easy to begin with and in the long run you will quickly feel more energetic, your appetite will stabilise, sleep will improve, weight loss will begin and ultimately your health outcomes will improve, of course you would never really know this for sure; except you might not get ill in the first place.

How can I help you?

I can run wellbeing workshops for your company to help create an environment where you can learn from various experts on everything you need to know to live healthier.

Starting with a health assessment followed by 4 workshops to give you the tools to start a healthy living programme.




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