Its time to complete your health risk assessment

Why you should have a health assessmenthealth-risk-assess1

As a team manager, responsible for carrying out Health & Wellbeing assessments over the last 10 years, I have completed more than 2000 and have seen and helped so many people with the full range of conditions, recognising individual vulnerability, low self-esteem, health issues previously unknown; fitness and lifestyle changes.

The assessments helped to identify diabetes, hypertension, heart conditions, and referred clients to physiotherapy, Accident and Emergency for a coronary Bypass surgery, nutrition support or counselling for depression.

You might ask are these referrals for older people; no; many have been for young adults you never know what to expect and can never assume. Its also an opportunity for any adult to re assess their own lifestyle often at a time when they might see changes in their body and not sure how to go about tackling the improvement, often confused by so much conflicting advice available.

I have built some long-lasting client relationships helping clients through awkward times but always could offer support and guidance where required.

The most frequent level of advice comes from everyday lifestyle guidance in areas of nutrition and exercise often dispelling common myths and providing clinically sound advice.

The health assessments we provide include several clinical tests with nutrition and exercise because we are experts in our own field first; as personal trainers or coaches trained to deliver clinical tests, we are not doctors and do not offer medical diagnosis or advice.  The testing provided is to help identify measurement’s which fall outside the clinical normal range with this we can then offer precautionary advice for lifestyle changes to improve your results.

For example if we see your blood sugars are higher than normal or you are carrying high body fat we would offer advice on how you can control blood sugar by eating a different choice of food. If your fitness score is low advising an exercise strategy to improve it in a way to that you become fitter without risking injuries be overdoing your exercise especially in the early days.


The results seen have often been outstanding in a small number of cases; in general the most frequent benefits are a reduction in stress, weight loss, control of type2 diabetes and improved fitness which has reduced the high risk of developing long term health concerns. With individuals losing several stone reducing their BMI from high 40’s to dramtcally change their appearance, to clients suffering from brain injuries being able to  exercise and improve their lifestyle.

Has it been worth my investment and time, I would say Yes.



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