Do you have an expanding waist line

BMIDo you or your partner have  an excess of body fat around your abdomen? many do in-fact its become normalised in society often due to a change in your lifestyle as you move through your career and the weight starts to creep up, you both probably accept it as normal. I have also come across examples of young adolescents being proud of their “muffin tops” and brag about it at school as a being fashionable.  

I can tell you its also dangerous as having a high waist line increases your risk of heart attack by  8 times  but just as important is the overall risk to you health of developing several debilitating conditions is around 40%

Your male partner should have a waist of no greater than 40″ if we are looking at a female partner it should be under 35″

There are many reasons why as you move through your lifestyle and career you gain weight but recognising the risk is fundamental if you want to avoid hypertension; leading to heart attack or a stroke. I know you are too busy but being too busy will not be a problem if you develop a health scare; resulting in hospitalisation for tests which may result in a diagnosis you could have avoided.

Earlier signs might be a loss of fitness don’t be complacent in believing that your fitness is a sign of getting older because its not, most people who maintain their fitness also maintain good bodyweight, are more productive at work, suffer less stress and live longer happier lives in their retirement.

If you make the right decision now to lose weight; you will need the advice of an expert in both exercise, nutrition and pre exercise testing to advise you on how to develop a safe strategy for change.

We can also provide you with ideas to help you with tackling those difficult eating decisions when on business, in hotels or travelling abroad.



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