Employee Healthcare in your business

How helping your employees healthcare can save your business thousands of pounds in absenteeism, sick pay and lost productivity brought about by being unaware of their risk of developing long term lifestyle diseases such as cancer, cardio vascular disease and diabetes.

Diabetes is costing the economy £14 Billion a year, what is even more startling is the cost of dealing with the complications brought on by diabetes; which is 4 times the cost of treating diabetes on its own.

Cost of absenteeism is running at £8.4 billion per year, with these costs rising by 56% over the last 8 years.

What this means for your business is likely to be disruption in services with increased costs in supporting your employees, missed productivity and possibly providing support staff to maintain your business.

Complications caused by being overweight are wide ranging with rising health concerns across industry, clearly the situation has increased over the last 20 years.

Some of the signs to look out for in your business are:

Lack of exercise

People boasting about their lack of activity

Excess alcohol consumption

High intake of canned drinks

High caffeine consumption

Prone to aggressive arguments

Skipping Breakfast

Relying on sandwiches for lunch

Hidden conditions people may not be aware of:

Raised blood pressure

Increasing waist line

Undetected raised cholesterol and blood sugars

Observable conditions:

Breathlessness climbing the stairs

Profuse sweating

Hip & Knee pain

Chest pains

Repetitive sick leave.

What can you do as an employer?

If you observe any of the above you could be looking at a potential employee with increased risk of developing long term health conditions, this is a complicated HR issue to deal with directly however using health screening can be a very useful tool in managing these conversations.

As a health and wellbeing coach we undertake this screening for you which can be done in the convenience of your business, at a competitive cost, compared to the larger private hospital organisations offering this service for several hundred pounds.

IMG_0100What we do

By providing a confidential health assessment we can look at an employee’s health history and lifestyle with several body composition measurements, current fitness and checking blood glucose and cholesterol levels. This helps the employee to understand how their current lifestyle may be affecting their health, we can advise on improvements and changes they may wish to consider. We provide the employee with a comprehensive report of their results and guide notes which are relevant.

Medical preconditions

We will request information on any known medical preconditions, so that we can discuss  safe management of the condition during exercise.

Improving fitness

If you need to improve your fitness we will discuss the safe and most appropriate way to achieve this considering any physical or medical conditions. If you have no concerns, we will still discuss the best way to achieve improved fitness in a way that matches your current fitness to take you to the next level.

High Blood pressure

Anyone with high blood pressure needs to take a conservative approach to activity to minimize over exertion and this can be explained in detail with the client.

Joint replacement 

Working closely with physiotherapists we are experienced in helping post-operative patients to achieve improved joint mobility and strength after they have received clearance to exercise under supervision.

Lifestyle advice

There is an abundance of lifestyle myths circulating and we will do our best at giving you clinically sound advice on ways to improve your health, energy and sleep.

Diet advice & coaching

Working with a nutritionist we can assess and develop personal advice for your employee’s. We can also arrange small workshops to give practical coaching in preparation and share ideas on healthy eating.

Stress and depression

We can provide workshops and individual advice for employees who require support in the management of stress and depression, we work closely with colleagues qualified in mindfulness and NLP coaching.

Employee confidentiality is observed and covered by the data protection act

As a Well-being practitioner, I am registered with the following organisation

Public liability insurance by Aviva.







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