The Dangers of ignoring your weight gain

If you don’t exercise have become obese or moderately over weight you are running the risk of future health limiting diseases.

The NHS our health providers are overwhelmed with patients suffering from what we call lifestyle related conditions which are costing our economy billions in increased costs.

The list of diseases includes high blood pressure, cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancers, kidney disease and many more.

Basically as your weight increases you are creating enormous strain on your internal organs, eventually they will be unable to cope with the strain causing diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and many cancers. Physically your hips, knees and ankles all suffer the same fate, resulting in surgery for repairing or replacing worn out hips and knees.

As good as this surgery is, repair and replacement is never as strong as the originals and you may still suffer a lifetime of pain including arthritis.

Your back also suffers from the strain of supporting excess weight resulting in poor posture causing tiredness, debilitating pain, lengthy time off work and increased risk of a prolapsed disk.

Suffering a lifetime of inactivity and obesity will eventually catch up with you and a prospect of incapacity and reduced quality of life in a care home for 10-20 years. If you have nursed or spent anytime visiting relatives in a care home you will understand that its terribly depressing watching someone you love slowly  deteriorate.

Naturally we all have a choice but living healthier into old age is my choice, what’s yours going to be.

We have a number of healthy strategies to share , click on the heart image to look at our services for your organisation.


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