Crippling cost of poor lifestyle choices

Head of Clinical care commission declares that the NHS can’t cope with the crippling level of diseases due to poor lifestyle choices putting people in a hospital.BMI

I’ve seen it, you must have seen it too; visiting anyone  in hospital you cant miss the crowds of in and outpatients waiting for clinics or in hospital with chronic conditions brought about by being overweight in the first place, developing longterm life-limiting conditions like type 2 diabetes, cancers, liver disease or cardiac conditions.

Everyone you know is aware of the problem associated with overeating, too much convenience processed food, lack of exercise and to much stress in their lives. In fact, over half the population fall into one or more of these categories. Yet continue to ignore the symptoms until struck down with one of the more serious consequences.

How do we, how can we encourage a change in attitude in the general population, I wish I had the answer as I have been in the health and wellbeing industry for 15 years, explaining just how making a few small but simple changes can make a big impact on your current condition.

Reading this report by Keith Triggle for the BBC gives a more detailed account of the situation facing the NHS in England and Scotland

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