Degeneration starts early in life

Clients I see for their health assessments are often quite shocked when they realize their lifestyle has resulted in their poor health.

The typical adult in their 50’s, overweight, raised blood pressure, poor fitness and raised cholesterol are almost normal these days, while the realization is an awakening and results in the time to evaluate their current lifestyle. It’s also apparent that people fail to understand the effect that ignoring all the health advice published every day will be relevant to them at some time.

Let’s look at a timeline

20’s Young adults often stressed with exams, enjoy’s binge drinking and starts to do less exercise.

30’s Into early stages of their career, into heavy social drinking, working and commuting to work and juggling young families putting stress on own time with increased pressure to take care of their own health putt on the back burner. Not unusually believes they have plenty of time to rectify any damage they are doing to themselves, along with a sense of being invulnerable.

40’s Well established in a career, long hours at work, finding time to exercise is difficult, tired all the time, juggling family and social responsibilities is a struggle, gaining weight, not eating a balanced diet, enjoys takeaways and dining out. It’s still not a problem and does not feel it’s time to accept a need to change.

50’s  Now a couple of stone overweight, not exercised in a long time, too many years of overindulgence is now evident in higher blood pressure, borderline glucose levels, high cholesterol, and poor fitness has increased the risk factors for type 2 diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancers.

60’s After many years of ignoring that their declining health is the result of their previous lifestyle and has now increased the risk of many life-threatening diseases including heart attack and cancer. Potentially the increased levels of bad cholesterol is laying down deposits in the arteries, leading to high blood pressure, angina, with damaged arteries, now increasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

In addition, the high body mass is putting too much strain on the bodies ability to produce insulin, resulting in type 2 diabetes and further risking damaged eyesight and potentially amputation of damaged limbs.

Higher than desirable levels of toxicity in the fat cells will cause further body fat gain this comes from eating too much processed food, poor diet, high alcohol intake, stress, smoking, negative energy, electronic devices and environmental toxins from household cleaning products. There are a number of things you can do to reduce high toxicity such as eating fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking fresh water, and exercise will all help to repair free radicals damage which can cause many cancers.

It’s not a very healthy story and if you think I am exaggerating look at the explosion of obesity in the world, over 50% of patients in hospitals are there because of lifestyle-related diseases and over half of children are overweight at school.

Don’t ignore the warning signs, make a change today, eat more vegetables, fresh fruit and reduce processed produce of all kinds along with taking regular exercise every day. Enjoying family activity days will encourage a healthy mindset to help train your children to live a long healthy life full of fresh air, food and exercise.

photo courtesy of Harriets Healthy Kitchen

I also run workshops to educate people in improving their knowledge for healthy living on a number of different topics, if you would like more information please email me

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