Future proof your old age

Looking after yourself as you get older is another way of planning your retirement, in this case, its not financial planning but health planning.

If you have spent any time visiting elderly relatives in hospital or a care home you will know how emotionally draining it is to watch someone you love in their final weeks, months of life. Some people “live long and prosper” remaining active and enjoy a rich full-filling life into their 90’s. While others are struck down with lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and strokes, which confine them to a hospital with a myriad of related conditions. Most of which are lifestyle related and could be avoided by being more active combined with a healthier diet.

If you don’t want to finish your life in a care home being spoon fed and with a colostomy bag strapped to your bed, you really do need to review your current lifestyle and where change is required, to CHANGE it, you are the only one who has the power to change, there is no magic pill to prevent your deterioration. The medical profession deal with symptoms, you have the power to deal with the cause.

As a well-being coach, my role is to assess your risk of developing lifestyles debilitating conditions and help you avoid them with advice, coaching and exercise plans.

More information to help you make the changes can be found in my Ebook 


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