Heart attacks

Has this happened to someone you know, have you lost someone close unexpectedly? Unfortunately for relatives, the devasting effect of someone suffering a heart attack is life changing, friends are lost forever.

You would not wish your family to experience your loss but the reality is that if you are in mid-life and lost track of your health and fitness this may become a reality if you fail to get back on track.

Join me on the journey of your average adult, you were once fit as a fiddle played sports and could eat and drink anything without putting on weight, declaring yourself as invincible in your early 20s-30s. You get into relationships start building a career and before long you find yourself dropping your sports and picking up your daily hit from the local coffee shop along with a danish.

Now you have a young family and even less time to exercise but you can still put away a good takeaway which may be once but more likely twice a week and if you take a look in the mirror you have gained a few pounds if mot more.

Getting to your 50’s 2 stone heavier, probably higher blood pressure, with work-related stress, possibly higher than advisable cholesterol and blood sugars, could be leading to a long list of lifestyle diseases, which are currently accounting for 50% of hospital admissions.

Gosh what a dismal outlook.

You now have an opportunity to make some real improvements and look forward to getting healthier before its too late, I wrote this book to help people like you and all you need to get started is in the book. There are no catches it does not cost a fortune only £2.99.

This could change your life, I know because I have helped many to do just that.


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