New Year Post

Reviewing your ambitious goals for this year, this is the time when most of us spend a little time thinking we want to make some changes to our lifestyle, this could be taking up an activity, stop drinking alcohol for January or the biggy lose that excess you put on over the festive period.

What is yours? whichever new year goal you choose you will need a plan if you seriously want to achieve it, the stats indicate that less than 10% of new year resolutions will last longer than 7 weeks.

You need a plan to succeed because making a lifestyle change is much harder than we think, sit down and consider what you need to do to achieve a significant change. Plan how and when you are going to start and stick to your guns.

Put in place your action points with deadlines which you can review every day until you are regularly hitting them if you miss one go back to why you chose to make a change. Is it important to your health, lifestyle or is it for the sense of achievement you will feel on hitting it!

Make your plan realistic by introducing a number of smaller goals which will help you attain the objective over a reasonable time.

Next, decide how you want to measure your achievements, without measurement, you will have no idea where you are a bit like driving without “satnav” and you wouldn’t do that.

I have listed a few ideas here:

Lose weight – How much?

Get fitter – what does that mean to you.

Run a 5k – How do you get started?

Get your waist down to a healthy 34″ – What do you need to do to do that properly.

There are lots of others like controlling cholesterol levels, get out of Type 2 diabetes and importantly all of the above will improve your life by reducing your longterm risk of Heart attack.

For more information on how to make a success of your New Year Resolutions buy my book with step by step explanations..



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