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Crippling cost of poor lifestyle choices

I’ve seen it, you must have seen it too; visiting anyone  in hospital you cant miss the crowds of in and outpatients waiting for clinics or in hospital with chronic conditions brought about by being overweight in the first place, developing longterm life-limiting conditions like type 2 diabetes, cancers, liver disease or cardiac conditions.  


Eating Carbohydrates are good for you.

Avoiding carbohydrates could be the reason behind your lack of umf.

You will have read the headlines for many short fix solutions to lose weight by avoiding carbs, sure you can lose weight this way, however, it may be mostly water in the short term. For every gram of carbohydrate you eat your body will absorb 4 grams of Water, water, of course, is another essential nutrient you should not avoid if you do; you will start to experience other side effects like lack of energy, dry skin, tight bowels, dry eyes to name a few.

The Dangers of ignoring your weight gain

If you don’t exercise have become obese or moderately over weight you are running the risk of future health limiting diseases. The NHS our health providers are overwhelmed with patients suffering from what we call lifestyle related conditions which are costing our economy billions in increased costs. The list of diseases includes high blood pressure, […]