Personal Trainer Profile

cropped-img_0300.jpgNorman Brown has worked in the fitness industry for 15 years as both a personal trainer and health & well-being manager for one of the UK’s top Health & Fitness providers.

An endurance competitor now for over 25 years participating in numerous single and multi-day events and over 60 Marathons.

Passionate about improving clients health reducing their risk of developing all the lifestyle diseases while helping them to achieve real change.

Featured in a national UK marketing campaign about the benefits of over 60’s exercising, with appearances in Mail On Sunday, Sky News, and Fitpro magazine.

We provide personal training consultations, Group talks, health and exercise advice.

Getting results for our clients is the top priority, with this as the objective we will work with you to craft a programme for you to follow, using all the assessment information collected with a video assessment of your movement patterns. Exercises designed to gradually improve muscular or skeletal imbalance including injury rehabilitation

Email me If you are ready to start a Fitness Journey, the right way.

My Plans are all for a minimum of three months, you can train with me 1-3 times a week, following a natural eating plan and healthier lifestyle.

Author of this book for anyone starting or restarting their journey to improved health and fitness.

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More about me

I was previously in hospitality specializing in the development of restaurants for many years, working across the industry in the UK for many household names, I moved to London in the early 1980’s to help set up Harvester steak houses then later independent brasseries, worked for the Queens Cousin in Chelsea and at Harrods. In 1997 I opened my own restaurant in leafy Hertfordshire. Unfortunately, after six years I had to close the business due to rising costs making it no longer viable to continue. At this time after 34 years, I decided it was time to reinvent myself and changed my career.

So in 2002, I trained as a personal trainer taking with me 34 years of life experience which has helped me to demonstrate a great deal of empathy with my clients.

I have discovered many of life’s secrets over this time experiencing euphoria, disappointment, stress, compassion and love; so I will probably understand what you are going through.