Health assessment


Corporate or independent groups looking to help others with improving their lifestyle for increased health, energy and healthy food choices.

A healthy body is more than just exercise

This programme helps you make the connection between how you think about your lifestyle, exercise and food choices.

To help you understand how your behaviours influence your health.

You can choose the most relevant assessment day for your team from this selection, we include advice sheets to include why each test is important with advice on improving results.

  • A compreheIMG_0100nsive Medical and Lifestyle questionnaire
  • Height and weight measurements
  • Blood pressure
  • Aerobic fitness testing
  • Blood Glucose and Total Cholesterol
  • Body composition analysis
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Identifying health risks
  • Action plan for change

Each assessment includes feeding back with advice on where changes can be achieved an explanation on health risk where it is noticed and finally discussing an action plan for change.

Our workshops look at three main areas 

  1. How to engage in the process of changing habits of a lifetime
  2. How to change your diet without sacrificing all that is enjoyable in food
  3. How exercise can improve your overall health, working with a good mindset and healthy food choices.

Each workshop will be delivered by a  professional practitioner who is an expert in coaching, inspiring employees to achieve the change required to be successful in their individual journey to better health.

We will travel and deliver the workshops to anywhere in the UK, to an agreed budget and content agreed with your group or organisation.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Increased workplace motivation and energy
  • Reduced workplace stress
  • Decreased absenteeism at work and increased productivity, sick days run on average to 8.1 days per year.
  • Increased activity by individuals has been proven to reduce lifestyle diseases by 52%
  • Obesity is at an all-time high at over 60% of the population, increasing the risk of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases massively.
  • Most cancers can be prevented through improving healthier food choices and knowledge in the true benefits and impact of exercise.

Our workshops provide your colleagues and friends with this knowledge.

Delivered at a time and convenient location to suit your group.

Email now for more information on costs and booking schedule.

Motivational Workshop Talks

Each one can be delivered to a pre-agreed time schedule to suit your business.

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Sleep and Emotional resilience

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